About Us

As a father and son run digital marketing agency we are passionate about helping businesses acquire targeted and highly qualified leads.


We succeed as you succeed. Your dreams are our dreams. 


We've developed a team of highly-skilled lead gen experts that have helped businesses in dozens of industries, but our current focus is helping accountants keep their calendars booked.


If you've ever tried doing your own marketing, you already know how steep the learning curve is. Until you’ve gained enough experience, you can burn through thousands of dollars in what feels like the blink of an eye . . . with nothing to show for it.


We give our clients more freedom to focus on clients while we handle bringing in steady, qualified leads on auto-pilot.


We'll develop your target marketing strategy, create your ad campaigns for you, launch and manage them, and optimize everything until we’ve dialed things in to get leads flowing like clockwork.


Our team has collectively worked with hundreds of accountants. Since this is our specialty, we have a number of proven strategies to attract leads with Google, Facebook Ads, and other lead gen methods.


We look forward to working with you.


Tristen and Derek Smith